Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesdays With Dorie-- Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

"Cookies, cookies, best things to eat. Chocolate cupcakes are also a treat!"

Cookie Monster says it all for me. I am truly a lover of cookies, but cupcakes also make a nice treat! After reading post after post on TWD about dry cupcakes, I put all kiddos down for naps and set out with hopes of making deliciously moist and delectable chocolate, chocolate cupcakes!

I consulted with both Sarah and Whitney about possible solutions to the dry problem. My gut instinct was to add another egg, but in the end I decided not to and just shortened the bake time a little. My cupcakes looked great, had fantastic flavor, but they were a little dry. In retrospect I should have added another egg, or substituted oil for some of the butter.

My honey believes that if you add enough frosting to anything, it will cover all blemishes or baking errors (he has the same theory for brown sugar and hot cereal). This rich ganache-like glaze did just that! I could have eaten it by spoonfuls, but instead, I frosted these beauties.
All my kiddos and honey agreed they were tasty. Nothing out of this world, but an easy and rich chocolately treat!
Here's the recipe for those interested.


wildthayn said...

I love your Cookie Monster quote!! Its all too true! Nice job, your ganache looks deliche!!

Whitney said...

Glad you had a bit more success than I did! We should try a second go at it and each use a different idea to make them more moist and see which one worked the best. I was sorely disappointed in mine. Yours look delish though. Maybe if I had tried to frost them they would have been a bit better, maybe next time.

Barbara said...

They look yummy! Welcome to TWD!