Saturday, November 29, 2008

TWD Towfer Pie

Ok, so this is probably the lamest TWD post you'll ever see! I didn't even take a picture of my pie, in fact, I didn't take any pictures of my Thanksgiving dinner! So frustrating when I do that.

When I started making this recipe I thought it sounded like a nice way to combine two pies enjoyed by so many. Those whom I told about the pie were very interested in how it would turn out, as was I. So, Wednesday night I set out to make the Twofer Pie!

I used my own pie crust that I'm in love with and making the pie itself was quick and easy. It looked pretty, smelled great, but it wasn't a hit with the crowds. Most people felt like it was a pumpkin pie with pecans on top. The pumpkin overpowered the caramelized pecan flavor that I love in a pecan pie. It's probably not a repeat for me. If I'm going to go to the trouble of making a pumpkin filling and a pecan filling, I think I'd just make two pies.

Sorry for the lackluster post. Stay tuned for more baking!


vibi said...

Thank you Mike and Elizabeth, for participating with me this week.
I'm sorry the pie didn't turn out to your expectations...

Whitney said...

Lizzie, I kind of felt the same way about the Twofer. It sounded like it was going to be fabulous but ended up being a pumpkin pie with pecans on top. Not a repeat for me either.

April said...

the whites made a turtle pumkin pie. I will have to ask them how it turned out and see if it was a similar recipe.