Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TWD: Dulce De Leche Duos

Like most of Dorie's recipes this is some serious richness. These little babies were excellent, especially considering they had no chocolate in them. I do love my caramel too and dulce de leche is close enough.

These soft little sandwich cookies had a caramel cookie made of butter and sugars and even a good amount of dulce de leche added to the dough. I am a huge cookie dough person and lapped up a good portion even before baking (good thing I did a little exercise today, I think I can't skip tomorrow now). Dorie's instructions were to bake them using a measurement of a heaping teaspoon full. Whenever that is the instruction I never know if that means a teaspoon from my silverware set or a measuring teaspoon. I used a measuring teaspoon, because I thought the small portions would be better for my kiddos.

I thought that after they baked up they would loose the caramel flavor, but luckily they did not. Then I sandwiched them with more Dulce de Leche and dug in. Wow! My kids downed them in seconds....the baby was covered in dulce de leche head to toe and begged for more at my feet.

Dorie gave the option to melt a little bittersweet chocolate and lightly spread it on the cookie before the dulce de leche. That sounds steller too, but I didn't have any on hand....so next time and there will be a next time. For those that don't like dulce de leche....I wonder if you could try a caramel sauce and it could work out similarly. Who knows?

If you want to give this one a try head on over to Jodie's blog called Beansy Loves Cake.


Flourchild said...

Im glad they were a hit with your kids too. My family enjoyed them!
Your cookies look so good!

Susan said...

Great looking cookies! I am going to try and make these in the next day or two. :)

CB said...

You know? I never thought about using a measuring tsp vs a tea spoon. I always just assumed it meant a measuring tsp! Thanks for giving me some food for thought. Glad you and the kiddies love the cookies.

Marthe said...

My coworkers loved these too: they were gone in less than 60 seconds!!

Cristine said...

Your duos look great!

Tia said...

they look great!

TeaLady said...

These were good weren't they. Definitely a keeper.

Mine are frozen. Toooo tempting.

wildthayn said...

April, these sound so good!! I can't wait to try them!!

Whitney said...

These were awesome! So good that after you had me try one, I went home and made a double batch. Yikes!