Monday, June 14, 2010

TWD: Raisin Swirl Bread

I LOVE raisin bread! It is such a treat in our house, only you can have it for breakfast and feel okay about it.

I made two loaves of this bread. My kids and husband don't like raisins so I did one loaf with and I couldn't bear going without them myself so I did a second laof with raisins. Hands down the loaf with raisins was better. I made the mistake of cutting the bread and eating it while warm, because I think bread is best when it is warm. It kind of fell apart and the flavor did not pop. This bread was best after it cooled and then toasted and buttered. I loved it so much I think this is what I ate for all three meals for two days. Let's just say I am not counting carbs. Yum!

My dough did not look as Dorie described it (satiny). It looked like most roll dough does, but it still turned out great. I loved that the sugar and cinnamon were pre measured so I let my 4 year old sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar on top. It was a fun make, but it did take time. It wasn't too difficult, but as always for homemade bread you have rising times and such.

My little guy woke up from his nap in my last stages of baking so I set him on the counter and let him play with the flour. At first he wasn't too happy about getting flour all over himself, but he quickly got over it.

If you want to give this a try you can go over to for the recipe.


Tia said...

i agree - go with the raisins! cute pic... he's already into the flour, a little baker at heart.

Flourchild said...

Your little guy looks like he is having a good time! I did not use rasins, but cinnamon chips. I made some of my bread into french toast. I love the FT the best. With some maple syrup, butter and whipped topping it really is a treat!

Nichi said...

I love how your swirl turned out.