Saturday, July 3, 2010

Barefoot Contessa's Crostata

I think I'm in love! A few weeks ago a friend of mine passed along Barefoot Contessa's Apple Crostata recipe. I made it and loved it, seriously loved it! The crust is so easy to throw together in my food processor and it's buttery and flakey. The apples with the orange zest--a great combination.

A couple of weeks later, I stumbled upon BC's recipe for her Summer Fruit Crostata. It's truly heavenly. I omitted the plums and made it with peaches and blueberries and it was wonderful! So delicious, beautiful, and packed full of flavor.

Check out the apple recipe as well as the summer fruit version and hopefully you'll enjoy as much as we did!


Anonymous said...
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April said...

I made this dessert too but with blueberries. We served it up to some friends who were very impressed. It is very pretty. In fact I may even post my picture along with Lizzie's.

Camie said...

You mean your twin sister in law's mom?? I guess 'friend' is simpler! So glad you are enjoying yourself some delicious crostata! I made a strawberry AND blueberry pie for the 4th. YUM.

Whitney said...

How did I miss this one? I love Ina Garten recipes. I think this is a must try!