Thursday, December 2, 2010

birthday cakes

We have had a few birthdays within the last month or so. Here are a few pictures of the different cakes made.

Liz made this one. There were lots of boy cousins who had birthdays in September, so here is their collective cake. Nothing special, except a million candles. There was a 12 year old and three 3 year old boys.

Here is my little guys cake from his birthday in October. He turned 2.

His second cake. We were on vacation during his birthday. Family wanted to celebrate so we had a second more simple cake. Turns out candles kind of freak him out.

This cake was a bear to make. While it has MANY embarassing imperfections I am still oddly proud of myself for finishing it. My 7 year old was so excited about it. We had a under the sea birthday party for her so the mermaid went well with the theme.

Just a fun thanksgiving craft that I made with the kids. My 7 year old could make these all day, my 4 year old made two and ate one, my 2 year old just ate the fixings for the turkeys with pure joy and satisfaction. Holidays are so fun with kids.

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