Monday, November 15, 2010

Scrumptuous Cake

My sister-in-law asked if I would be willing to create a cake and post on the blog, so here it goes for the first time ever!

I love making cakes and I'll take any excuse I can to make one. The cake I decided to do is two layers. One a classic white and the other a rich dark chocolate with semi-sweet chocolate chips added to the batter. I filled the cake with a dark chocolate syrup and marshmallow cream. Yummy, yummy. I used a basic vanilla frosting to cover the cake and decorated it with dark chocolate shavings, sugar beads and the same vanilla frosting tinted blue. I used tip #2D to add the swirl across the top.

Some cake baking tips that I have learned:
1. Always place wax paper at the bottom of your pan so that you have a flat surface for layering and decorating.

2. Give your layers a "tummy tuck" by inverting them on a cooling rack right after they come out of the oven. This helps to decrease the bulge on top.

3. Make your layers before hand so that they can be frozen. Pull them out of the freezer in the morning if you are going to work on them that afternoon. The cakes stay moist and are much easier to work with. (keep in mind that you need to let them thaw a little. Working with a frozen cake is like trying to work with a rock)

4. When torting and filling the cake put a dam around the edge to prevent the filling from oozing out the sides.

5. Place a little bit of frosting on your cake board so that the cake stays in place and does not slide all around.

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April said...


This looks amazing! The chocolate shavings make it look so beautiful. Thanks for doing this!