Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TWD: Pecan Powder Puffs

We have all had these, I promise. Surely on a plate of Christmas goodies from a neighbor, a church function, or even a wedding. There is a reason we have all had them, they are delicious!

This was my first time making them and I was pleased at the ease I had throwing them together. What an easy make for such a delicious treat. My mother in law makes these, but in a crescent shape. They are beautiful. I am sure we established long ago that I am not a baker that easily makes the end result beautiful, but I can make it delicious. Since we knew what to expect with the taste I did change things up a bit just for fun. I covered half the cookies in powdered sugar per the recipe and then of course I can't make a treat without throwing some chocolate into the mix. I dipped the other half in chocolate. After tasting them my husbands comment was, "Why didn't you cover the whole thing in chocolate, this is good." So we were fans of the chocolate. Surprisingly so my kids liked the powdered sugar version better and I think I did too, but they were both delicious and I found myself popping one into my whenever I walked by. Yum!

My little gal always likes to make her presence in my pictures. Funny girl!

I think what makes these cookies so amazing is the amount of butter as well as the ground pecans mixed in as part of the base of the cookie. Pecans are such a sweet and soft nut packed full of flavor. You just can't go wrong.

If you want to give these beauties a try you can visit Buttercream Barbie for the recipe.


cindy said...

I'm sure these cookies were extra yummy dipped in chocolate. What a great idea.

Tia said...

They look really good. Great job ! the variety is adorable. thanks for baking with me this week!

Nicole said...

I should try these covered in chocolate, that sounds wonderful. I made mine with almonds and ginger and they were so good!