Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TWD: Lemon Cup Custard

I was so excited to make this dessert! I love lemon and I enjoy custard, I knew it would be a hit. The ingredients are minimal (milk, lemon, egg, and sugar), just my kind of recipe! Unfortunately, I let my egg curdle!! We had finished a delicious Sunday dinner and I had looked forward to custard all day, only to be dispointed by my mistake! I was hoping to make the custard again before posting, but was unable to. I bombed it, but plan to try my hand at it again at a later date. For incredible pictures of a great Lemon Cup Custard (for some reason I can't upload my picture), as well as the recipe, check out The Way the Cookie Crumbles. Better luck in your custard making!


Leslie said...

How sad! Eggs are so finicky that way. I have curdled plenty of custards, so I know how disappointing it is. This really is an easy one, so do try it again!

Whitney said...

That's a bummer Lizzie! I have done that more than once. Curdled eggs don't make for good desserts.